Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence has access to advanced capabilities
from a higher dimension of intelligence.


Benefits of SQ

•  feel greater fulfilment 

•  find deeper meaning and purpose 

•  turn negative into positive thoughts & emotions

•  employ your full resources and be your best in any situation

•  wisdom  •  compassion  •  integrity  •  joy  •  love  •  creativity  •  peace

•  help others and improve society by using a higher dimension of your intelligence

Spiritual intelligence has access to advanced capabilities from a higher dimension of intelligence.


Results of SQ

SQ regulates IQ and EQ with wisdom, compassion, and integrity. SQ thus provides access to advanced human capabilities. Spiritual intelligence therefore represents the most powerful resource for personal and professional success and fulfilment. SQ results in cooperation and tolerance between people, not only at the interpersonal level, but also between different groups in society, and between different cultures and nations. When SQ sets the social norms across entire communities, transformation follows at the level of social institutions and international relations, as governments are repurposed and corporations are reformed according to spiritually intelligent principles. Widespread practice of spiritual intelligence is therefore necessary and sufficient for individual and collective transformation. More..


Secular Spirituality

As an innate dimension of intelligence, SQ is based on personal experience, not on religious faith. Spiritual intelligence therefore represents secular spirituality. SQ methodology is briefly introduced in the video below.

Dimensions of Intelligence

At the beginning of the scientific study of intelligence in the early 20th century, the definition of intelligence was restricted to intellectual intelligence (IQ). This narrow definition of intelligence prevailed until the mid 1980’s, when emotional intelligence (EQ) was identified as another dimension of intelligence of equal, or even greater, importance. Recent advances in psychology and neuroscience identified spiritual intelligence (SQ) as a further dimension of intelligence that is even more significant. SQ represents a higher dimension of intelligence that governs IQ and EQ with the qualities of the soul, in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace. More..

Spiritual intelligence experiences wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace.


Science of SQ

The scientific evidence for spiritual intelligence is based on a synthesis of findings from different fields of research, combining cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, and neuroscience [ref]. Universities worldwide study the SQ paradigm and its many applications. At Oxford University for example, SQ is the core of the Strategic Leadership Program. SQ training is also used in the workplace to improve job satisfaction and raise productivity. More..

Twin Poles of Attention
Twin Poles of Attention


SQ and the Brain

Neurologically SQ is distinct from IQ and EQ. Opposite hemispheres are the primary locations for IQ and EQ, whereas SQ is associated with hemispheric synchronisation and whole-brain activation at particular frequencies. SQ whole-brain frequencies combine part-brain functions, such as IQ and EQ, from both hemispheres, into the integrated field of the whole brain, thus combining mind, self, and world into a meaningful whole. SQ neural frequencies correspond to the same brain state underlying the practice of meditation and the experience of presence. SQ capability is therefore hard-wired in the human brain. More..

Spiritual intelligence is necessary and sufficient for individual and collective transformation.


How to Experience SQ

At times we all experience spiritual intelligence spontaneously. But spontaneous moments of SQ are rare, and they usually occur at random. Therefore it’s important to know how to experience SQ intentionally. When you can engage your spiritual intelligence voluntarily, in any circumstances, you convert your SQ from a random fleeting experience into your most valuable, powerful, and useful personal resource. The video below provides a step-by-step guide on how to activate SQ intentionally.


SQ Education Program

The SQ Institute provides education and training in spiritual intelligence, for health professionals, educators, trainers, coaches, and the general public. For more information about SQ education courses, please visit this page about the SQ Education Program.

Spiritual intelligence represents secular non-theistic spirituality.


Full Spectrum of Intelligence

The full spectrum of intelligence is made up of five dimensions, from PQ to TQ, via IQ, EQ and SQ. Physical intelligence is a property of all life forms. IQ and EQ are about thought and emotion, and SQ is about values and meaning. Beyond spiritual intelligence is the ultimate dimension of intelligence, called transcendental intelligence. More..

Full Spectrum of Intelligence
Full Spectrum of Intelligence


3Q Training

SQ combined with IQ and EQ represent the three Qs, which together activate the whole brain, unlike IQ or EQ on their own, which are part-brain functions. By training the whole brain, 3Q Training unlocks advanced capabilities, which increase personal fulfilment and result in high performance.

The Three Qs


Why “Q”?

Why is “SQ” the abbreviation for spiritual intelligence rather than “SI”? The letter “Q” stands for “quotient” which means amount or score. Thus IQ means your intellectual intelligence quotient, or your IQ score. Similarly, EQ means your emotional intelligence quotient, and SQ means your spiritual intelligence quotient. Usually the term “SQ” is read simply as “spiritual intelligence”, leaving the word “quotient” unspoken.

You’re invited to a free webinar on spiritual intelligence.



You’re invited to attend a free webinar on spiritual intelligence. Sign up for the webinar by clicking the link below. This webinar introduces the scientific foundations of spiritual intelligence, and demonstrates how to develop your SQ using contemporary secular principles. The neuroplasticity of the brain results in the 3Q brain, which represents a brain optimised neurologically for using SQ in combination with IQ and EQ. Learn how to evolve your 3Q brain by following the principles outlined in this webinar. Sign up for the next webinar here.


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Spiritual Intelligence Basics

Click the button below for a series of articles about the basics of spiritual intelligence. Topics include the scientific foundations of the SQ paradigm, and a simple method to activate spiritual intelligence based on contemporary secular principles.


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