3Q Methodology The response to 3Q events from a broad range of participants indicates that 3Q is emerging as the generic model of spiritual intelligence both in academia and in the training industry. As a result 3Q is set to become the standard methodology for activating spiritual intelligence worldwide. Naturally, this is beneficial for our [...]

What if you could train your brain to improve your performance and increase your fulfilment? What if your attempts to improve yourself can be self-defeating if you don’t understand your own operating system? What if there was a map of your operating system that you can use to navigate the jungle of your mind’s impulses, [...]

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As the intelligence of the true self, beyond the ego, spiritual intelligence has many benefits that exceed the scope of intellectual and emotional intelligence on their own. Freedom from ego grants wisdom and clarity of vision, greater personal fulfilment, more empathy and compassion, increased creativity and intuition, and better performance on important life skills and [...]

3Q Practitioner Training Course The 3Q Practitioner Training Course is an online training course that will equip you to deliver training courses in spiritual intelligence. Certified practitioners are provided with the training materials to lead courses for colleges and universities, for corporates, and for the public. To learn more about the Practitioner course, see this [...]

3Q Practitioner Training Course The 3Q Practitioner Training Course trains and certifies spiritual intelligence Practitioners. It is a three month online Course. The methodology used in the Course is based on contemporary secular principles. Certified Practitioners are provided with the training materials to coach their clients in spiritual intelligence, and to teach courses in spiritual [...]

Spiritual intelligence is emerging as a new paradigm of intelligence, with applications in numerous fields. The top ten points of interest associated with spiritual intelligence are summarised below. Top Ten Features of Spiritual Intelligence 1. Secular Spirituality As an innate dimension of intelligence, SQ represents a secular form of spirituality that everyone can access. SQ [...]

Comments and Replies Comment From The Full Spectrum of Intelligence Thank you a lot for sharing this with all the folks who actually recognize what you’re talking about! Reply You raise an interesting question. How many people actually recognise what we are talking about? Many people who reject religious beliefs are nevertheless looking for a [...]

New Paradigm As a new synthesis of psychology and spirituality, the SQ paradigm clarifies how the spiritual dimension of intelligence can be experienced directly as an innate capability without resort to religious faith [1]. The evidence for spiritual intelligence is drawn from direct personal experience and from the findings of scientific research [2]. The SQ [...]

Mindfulness In recent years the practice of mindfulness has become more widely recognised for its beneficial effects, principally as a means of calming the mind and improving clarity and focus. Mindfulness is also known as witnessing, which is the practice of giving complete attention to the present moment without judgement. Thus mindfulness depends on being [...]

Benefits of Spiritual Intelligence Spiritual intelligence is an innate dimension of intelligence that everyone can learn to use. As a higher dimension of intelligence with advanced capabilities, SQ has great personal and social benefits. The qualities of spiritual intelligence are experienced in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace. However, SQ is [...]

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Comments and Replies Comment From The Full Spectrum of Intelligence I thought I’d share a quote with you from U.G. Krishnamurti that pertains to your website, please don’t take offense. “You assume that there is such a issue as truth, you assume that there is such a issue as reality (ultimate or otherwise) – it is [...]

Spirituality for Atheists

Contemporary Spirituality The spiritual intelligence paradigm is based on a synthesis that integrates science and spirituality, and thus enables spiritual intelligence to be experienced directly, as an innate capability, without relying on religious faith. The SQ paradigm therefore legitimises spirituality in contemporary secular terms [1]. Beyond Theism Spiritual intelligence identifies with the native qualities of feeling-awareness itself, which [...]

Ego and Soul

Operating System Just as a computer and a phone have an operating system, so does our own awareness. The twin poles of attention represent the basic operating system of human awareness [ref]. Twin Poles of Attention The twin poles of attention are the subject-pole and the object-pole. At the object-pole is everything we are aware [...]

The Location of the Soul

Non-physical Location The soul is the existential self, or the true self, in contrast to the ego, which is the body-mind self. Usually it is assumed that the soul doesn’t have a location. A location is often thought to be a physical place, and the soul clearly isn’t physical. However a location can also be non-physical. For example, what [...]

Comments and Replies Comment From The Spiritual Intelligence Paradigm Learn meditation – for self-improvement, health, joy, harmony, success, serenity, stress reduction, calm your life. Reply Meditation and spiritual intelligence are one and the same. The psychological process underlying meditation is the foundation of spiritual intelligence. The basic psychological process, common to all types and traditions of [...]

Three Modes of Brain Processing Neurological studies have established that the brain has three distinct processing modes, called serial, parallel and synchronous. Serial processing is associated with IQ functions in the left brain. Parallel processing is associated with EQ functions in the right brain. And synchronous processing is associated with SQ functions in the whole [...]

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Comments and Replies Comment From Secular Spirituality I think you may be right in what you have said in this article. However there will be many people who will not agree with you. Reply As you point out, many people will disagree with what I have written here about the meaning of the word “spiritual.” However, [...]

Scientific Materialism From the early 17th century onwards, traditional faith-based theological explanations of reality gave way to empirical explanations based on newly discovered laws of physics. This enormous shift in collective consciousness established scientific materialism as the dominant paradigm of western civilisation. According to this reductionist philosophy, which still prevails as the orthodox scientific view today, human [...]

Secular Spirituality

The Secular Meaning of “Spiritual” Over the centuries the word “spiritual” has accumulated a multitude of different theological meanings and associations, based on a vast number of different traditions. The SQ paradigm cuts through the confusion by defining the meaning of the word “spiritual” in secular terms, based on the underlying experiential process common to all forms of spiritual realisation. This is the meaning of secular spirituality. [...]

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