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3Q Essentials Online Course

When you activate a higher dimension of intelligence, you gain access to the qualities and capabilities of your higher self. You can use the method taught in this course to shift from ego to soul, and activate your spiritual intelligence. This releases your intuition and creativity, and results in a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, which ultimately transforms your entire personality.

Spiritual intelligence is a practice and a philosophy that enriches your life, builds better organisations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. This short Course teaches how to use a simple secular method to activate your spiritual intelligence, and incorporate it in your daily life.

The course consists of 15 minute pre-recorded sessions every day for seven consecutive days, followed by 15 minutes per week live online for eight weeks. Total four hours approximately.

Course Outline

Module 1
The Human Operating System
The basic operating system of human awareness is represented by the twin poles of attention. The ego and the soul are located at opposite poles. Learn how to shift from ego to soul and activate spiritual intelligence.

Module 2
Benefits of Spiritual Intelligence
The benefits of spiritual intelligence comprise the qualities and capabilities of the higher self, or the soul. SQ improves IQ and increases EQ. Spiritual intelligence is the high performance dimension of intelligence.

Module 3
The Spiritual Intelligence Paradigm
Spiritual intelligence is a new paradigm that unites psychology and spirituality based on the results of scientific research corroborated by the findings of spiritual traditions.

Module 4
Your brain develops according to how you use it. This is the meaning of neuroplasticity. Learn to activate your spiritual intelligence and teach your brain how to maintain it in any circumstances.

Module 5
The 3Q Neural Network
The 3Q neural network connects all parts of the brain simultaneously. Whole brain frequencies are associated with the state of presence which activates spiritual intelligence.

Module 6
3Q Conductivity
The energy descends down through the frontal line on the in-breath, and on the out-breath up the back and through the head, forming a circle of energy, filling and brightening with each breath. This is source energy in its unmodified state before it steps down into forms of IQ and EQ at the object-pole of attention. This source energy can be conducted for blessing and healing.

Module 7
Anxiety and Trauma
Symptoms of anxiety and trauma can persist even after all treatment options have been used. In such cases, skilful use of the 3Q portal can neutralise remaining emotional states that limit full 3Q realisation.

Module 8
Upgrade your Brain to 3Q
3Q upgrades the brain in three ways: brain architecture, dominant frequencies, and neurotransmitters. The 3Q brain therefore represents a real brain upgrade. By activating a higher dimension of intelligence that is senior to other dimensions, 3Q accelerates personal development in the direction of human evolution. Thus spiritual intelligence is emerging as the new paradigm of the third millennium.

Post Course Program

Weekly 15 minute live sessions for eight weeks


Total cost of the course including post-course program
USD $120

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3Q Practitioner Training and Certification Course

3Q Practitioner Training and Certification Course

Online and Home Study

This online Course trains and certifies Practitioners to lead Courses in spiritual intelligence. Develop your own spiritual intelligence while learning to teach others. Certified 3Q Practitioners are provided with the training materials to teach 3Q Courses.

One hour per week online for three months,
and three pre-recorded videos per week for three months,
plus home study followed by assessment process and certification.
Total 100 hours

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