SQ Education Level 1

Ego and Soul

Operating System Just as a computer and a phone have an operating system, so does our own awareness. The twin poles of attention represent the basic operating system of human awareness [ref]. Twin Poles of Attention The twin poles of attention are the subject-pole and the object-pole. At the object-pole is everything we are aware [...]

The Location of the Soul

Non-physical Location The soul is the existential self, or the true self, in contrast to the ego, which is the body-mind self. Usually it is assumed that the soul doesn’t have a location. A location is often thought to be a physical place, and the soul clearly isn’t physical. However a location can also be non-physical. For example, what [...]

Three Modes of Brain Processing Neurological studies have established that the brain has three distinct processing modes, called serial, parallel and synchronous. Serial processing is associated with IQ functions in the left brain. Parallel processing is associated with EQ functions in the right brain. And synchronous processing is associated with SQ functions in the whole [...]

Scientific Materialism From the early 17th century onwards, traditional faith-based theological explanations of reality gave way to empirical explanations based on newly discovered laws of physics. This enormous shift in collective consciousness established scientific materialism as the dominant paradigm of western civilisation. According to this reductionist philosophy, which still prevails as the orthodox scientific view today, human [...]

Secular Spirituality

The Secular Meaning of “Spiritual” Over the centuries the word “spiritual” has accumulated a multitude of different theological meanings and associations, based on a vast number of different traditions. The SQ paradigm cuts through the confusion by defining the meaning of the word “spiritual” in secular terms, based on the underlying experiential process common to all forms of spiritual realisation. This is the meaning of secular spirituality. [...]

Dimensions of Intelligence The full spectrum of intelligence is made up of five dimensions, from PQ to TQ, via IQ, EQ and SQ. Physical intelligence is a property of all life-forms. PQ controls our breathing and regulates the autonomic nervous system. The coordination required to walk or put on a jacket is a PQ capability. After PQ [...]

Fragile Self-esteem The ego‘s self-esteem is fragile and unreliable, because it depends on changing circumstances at the object-pole of attention. But the soul‘s self-esteem is constant, secure and complete, because it depends on the native qualities of feeling-awareness itself at the subject-pole of attention, which are not modified by anything at the object-pole of attention. Spiritual intelligence [...]

Blocked by the Ego Intuition is blocked by the ego, and enabled by the soul. The ego is identified with the thinking mind at the object-pole of attention, which binds awareness to the step-by-step process of thought. But the soul is not confined to the ego’s bit-by-bit mode of comprehension. As feeling-awareness itself, at the subject-pole of attention, the soul is [...]

The Ego Has No Free Will The ego and the soul are located at opposite poles of attention. The ego identifies with the products of IQ and EQ at the object-pole of attention, in the form of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs etc. The ego is therefore defined and controlled by whatever perceptions, thoughts, emotions, memories, and [...]

State of Limitation Creativity is play of the soul, not the work of the ego. The ego feels dissatisfied and insufficient, because it is identified with qualities of limitation at the object-pole of attention, in the form of states of body and mind. But the soul feels harmonious and fulfilled, because it is identified with the native qualities of feeling-awareness [...]

From Ego to Soul The ego and the soul are located at opposite poles of attention. The ego is identified with states of body and mind at the object-pole of attention, and the soul is identified with feeling-awareness itself at the subject-pole of attention. Feeling-awareness Itself Feeling-awareness itself (or consciousness itself), which is otherwise known as [...]

SQ repurposes IQ and EQ

Three Dimensions The diagram above illustrates three dimensions of intelligence, corresponding to intellectual intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Ego and Soul As a higher dimension of intelligence, SQ replaces the ego with the soul, both as the seat of personal identity, and as the governor of IQ and EQ. SQ therefore exercises IQ and [...]

Science of the Soul A synthesis of findings from related fields of scientific research presents the following evidence for the existence of an advanced dimension of intelligence beyond IQ and EQ, called SQ or spiritual intelligence. Studies in neuropsychology have identified a state of conscious identity, distinct from the ego, associated with hemispheric synchronisation and whole-brain activation [1]. [...]

Definition of Spiritual Intelligence Spiritual intelligence is a higher dimension of intelligence that activates the qualities and capabilities of the authentic self (or the soul), in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace. Spiritual intelligence results in a sense of deeper meaning and purpose, combined with improvements in a wide range of [...]

3Q Map of Attention The 3Q Map of Attention is an application of the psychology of spiritual realisation, which identifies the basic operating system of human awareness, in the form of the twin poles of attention. The 3Q Map of Attention is therefore essential to navigate the pathway from ego to soul, which activates spiritual [...]

The Twin Poles of Attention

Operating System The basic operating system of human awareness is represented by the twin poles of attention, comprising the subject-pole and the object-pole, as everyone can confirm from their own experience. Object-pole of Attention At the object-pole of attention is everything we are aware of, from perceptions of external surroundings, to thoughts, emotions, beliefs, memories, [...]

Dimensions of Intelligence At the beginning of the scientific study of intelligence in the early 20th century, intellectual intelligence (IQ) was the only dimension of intelligence recognised by science. This narrow definition of intelligence prevailed until the mid 1980s, when a second dimension of intelligence was identified [ref], called emotional intelligence (EQ). Third Dimension The recognition [...]